SimpleOres 2 currently contains five different ores. They are, in order of rarity, Copper , Tin , Mythril , Adamantium  and Onyx . The first four can be found in the normal Overworld of Minecraft, while Onyx can only be found in The Nether dimension. 

Each ore has a number of different uses, though they are primarily used for crafting purposes. 


Each ore has its own set of properties that makes it different from the others. This includes where it spawns and what it can be mined with. Below is a chart explaining the availability of the five different ores. All the below values are the defaults, however they can be changed using the built in Configuration.

Ore Type BPC (?) Max SH (?) Max BPV (?) Pickaxe Needed Found In
Copper 35 90 7 Stone or better Overworld
Tin 30 90 7 Stone or better Overworld
Mythril 8 35 4 Iron or better Overworld
Adamantium 4 20 4 Iron or better Overworld
Onyx 5 256 7 Diamond or better Nether

Ore VarietiesEdit

Finished Raw MaterialsEdit

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