The Fusion Plugin is the first official plugin for SimpleOres 2. Official means that it is also developed by AleXndrTheGr8st, and is designed to work alongside SimpleOres 2. It is built on the Plugin API that is a part of SimpleOres 2, meaning that SimpleOres 2 is required for the plugin to work. The Fusion Plugin is also known as the alloy plugin, as it adds the Fusion Furnace and 3 new alloys. 

Plugin BasicsEdit

The Fusion Plugin introduces a new feature to SimpleOres: the Fusion Furnace. This new furnace allows you to combine certain materials to produce something better, requiring a catalyst in the process. For each different alloy that can be produced, there are a number of different levels of catalysts available, with each one allowing the reaction to be more or less efficient than another. 


The Fusion Plugin can be downloaded from the Download section of the SimpleOres 2 Minecraft Forum thread. 

SimpleOres 2 Fusion Plugin Downloads

Source CodeEdit

Like SimpleOres 2 itself, the Fusion Plugin is OpenSource, and the code for it can be found alongside the SimpleOres 2 code on the GitHub page for the mod.

SimpleOres 2 Source (GitHub)


The Fusion Plugin is entirely developed by AleXndrTheGr8st, however since becoming OpenSource there have been some very helpful people who have submitted code that has been used as a basis, whether large or small, for new SimpleOres features. These people (in no particular order) are:

  • zot201 (A HUGE amount of help with the Fusion Furnace).
  • sadrus (Help with OreDictionary support for the Fusion Furnace).

Also worth mentioning are the dozens of people who assisted with odd bits of code here and there, whether they know it or not. 

A huge thank-you is also necessary for all the people who helped with localisation, allowing SimpleOres 2 and its plugins to be used with different languages all over the globe.


Fusion Furnace Preview

Fusion Furnace Preview

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